Electronic Clock Housing

plastic injection molding part

Part Size:

Front Cover: 110mm * 80mm * 40mm

Back Cover: 110mm * 80mm * 35mm

Process: Plastic Injection Molding

Tooling Material: NAK80 Steel

Injection Material: PC+ABS

Surface Finish: SPI-A2(High Glossy)

Cavity: 1+1 (Family Mold)

Tooling Lead Time: 14 days

Tooling Life: 100,000 shots

This product is a clock housing. The customer does not have any special requests of the product and material function but high gloss surface. We suggested him use polycarbonate PC/ABS, which is the ideal best and the most classic engineering thermoplastic. Melton PC/ABS has excellent low temperature toughness, and easy to processing. Most of consumer products on the market are made by PC/ABS.

Considering the production efficiency and saving cost, the front and back components were designed in a same mold that so called family mold. All injected parts can be molded at once in a family mold.  Surface treatment can be done when the mold is made. Surface finish we followed the standard of SPI-A2 which is Grade #6, 3000 Grit Diamond Buff, it makes the product surface looks shiny smooth. To achieve the requirement on the product surface, actually the mold tool have to be hard enough to endure such a long time machining. NAK80 Steel is a good choice for mold making. Tool life is up to 100,000 shots.

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