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It was a pleasure to work with Wintech on my prototyping project. While I was initially unsure about ordering from half way around the world, Donny’s professional and courteous communications put me at ease. The price was reasonable, the work was perfectly executed to specifications and the delivery was prompt and as agreed. I would recommend Wintech for all these reasons, but I was most impressed with the way that Donny kept in touch regularly and did all he could to make sure that everything went smoothly.

Dr. C J Ferguson

DSN Sound Ltd, UK

anodizing CNC

Made the precision aluminum CNC part with black anodizing part in 8 days.

I know you promised it – and I knew you would make it.  But still…it is one thing to make a promise, and another to keep that promise.  Plus, I added more pieces in the first run and added a set of prototype parts to make as well.  And you and your team got it all done.

So yeah…I knew you’d make it…and it’s still great for Lilitab to have a fast, reliable, hard-working supplier like you and Wintech.


molds and parts

Finish 9 molds and make 200 sets parts in 19 days.

I received and inspected the parts and they looked great. Excellent work and very impressed here. I’ve included the inspection reports for reference.

I sent a set to our customer for review and I should know any feedback from them by next week. Please hold at this time until we confirm with them.


injection molding parts

Finish the mold and send high quality samples in 13 days.

Just let you know that I’m very satisfied with your service and product.

I will recommend you if someone needs you as designer or for production.


complex mold and high quality part

Finish the complex mold and send high quality samples in 17 days.

Great Job on my parts! Colors and finish turned out awesome! Well done solving the shrinkage problem with the front box stop! I appreciate the fantastic job you have done with these samples and I’m sure that you will oversee the same quality and detail with the rest of my parts. I look forward to a long relationship with you and your company! Please let me know when I can expect the full production order.


over molding

Finish the part structure optimization, made the plastic injection mold (over-molding) and send high quality products in 17 days.

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