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How to Find a Better Rapid Tooling Company

Rapid tooling provides faster and cost-effective tooling solutions for industries. This resulted in the impressive growth and development of different rapid tooling companies worldwide. It has great market potential, and this is the reason why many...

The Magic of Plastic Injection Molding

‘I am designing a plastic bubble ball which is for Christmas decoration. The point is I hope these bubbles are in varies of colors and one half looks glossy clear and another half looks somehow frosted. Could you help with this?’ The answer from Wintech is...

Wintech Plastic Injection Molding Processes

Plastic injection molding, a cost- effective and quality reliable process for the fabrication of plastic products. In varies of industries, plastics is in a tremendous demand for sample testing or commercial use. How to develop your design into a quick and...

Rapid tooling a smile watch

Children like smile and you can hear the smile everywhere. Here a product that use 'smile' as the topic - smile watch. It is a very simple idea that might help your business succeed. We believe that our quality rapid tooling service can help you with the similar...

The art of bridge mold

People used to make mold one by one at the very beginning. It took a long time to manufacture a whole set if the product with many parts in this way. Since the bridge mold was innovated, it also called family mold, if the quantity requirement is not high volume, we...

Be proud of your parts

When i was looking at the parts we made on my screen. My son pointed at one of the cnc machining part and told me: "This is beautiful." I hold him in my arm and told him: "It is, son." I felt very proud of that we could manufactured such great part for our customer....

Plastic injection machines workshop

Check our plastic injection machines workshop. We have 30 plastic injection machines. From the capability of 80 tons to 548 tons. We not only have lots of machines, but also can make high quality products for you. From quantity between 50 and 10,000, plastic injection...

Guest what are the processes of this OK?

This is a simple project. The processes including, CNC, WEDM, High polishing. It is tainless steel cnc machining. Does this OK look ok? Check our rapid prototyping services. We could help you to make high quality products and business successed.

Plastic injection molding and surface finishing

Plastic injection molding is a process that common used in plastic parts making, especially in low volume production. This white plastic parts was made in 10 days, high quality. In order to make a perfect part, we could using many surfacing finishing on it. Such as:...

Anodizing application for the heatsink

Anodizing is quite normal applied to the aluminum parts, it is much helpful for the corrosion and scratch resistance. Aluminum part is easily oxidized when exposed to air, then the external surfaces will be corroded, and the part will be damaged over time. Besides,...

Vacuum casting car parts

Vacuum casting can make high quality prototypes in low volume. A customer wanted few car font surrounds. We suggested to use polyurethane vacuum casting for these parts. Because it is low cost, fast and reliable. The parts can be done in few days once the master mold...

Plastic injection molding is used in everywhere of our life

Look at these common different parts. You can see them everywhere in your life. Coca cola cap, shampoo cap, soy sauce cap and so on. How are they made? They are made from plastic injection molding. Or paint the color after injection molded. They can be in any shape...

The relationship of 3 parts

Do you know what's the relationship of these 3 parts? Yes! They all belong to perfect. We use precision CNC machining and colored anodizing processes, then made these beautiful products.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

ISO 9001:2015

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