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Over Molding PA6+60%GF

Before getting to know the relation between over molding and plastic injection molding, you need to first have an idea as to what over molding and plastic injection molding is all about.

Plastic injection molding

  • The method of producing a large number of plastic items using the thermoplastic resin and using the methods of injection molding is known as plastic injection molding.
  • These are the methods involved in plastic injection molding
  • The resin is first melted inside the screw.
  • The resin should turn into liquid form.
  • The metal is then compressed at extremely high temperatures. After the cooling time, the resin takes up the shape.

What are the best methods to add colors to plastic molds?

Any mold that is dull and colorless does not look great. There are certain methods to add colors to the plastic molds.


Pigments are added to the resin during the process of molding. This is one of the cheapest methods possible.

Master Batch

If you are looking for molds that would not lose their colors within a short span of time, then you must be using the master batch. It takes more than 7 days to get dried up but the results are much better.


If you want to add colors before you add the resin, then it would take more than 8 to 15 days for the color to get imbibed.

Use these methods to add colors to plastic molds.

Over Molding

The process of molding two or more plastic sheets into a single one is known as over molding. It is a bit more difficult process when compared to other types of molding,

The basic relation between plastic injection molding and overmoldingĀ is that you need to first prepare the plastic injected molding first. Later you need to stack the other plastic molds over the base mold. This type of stacking is called over molding.

There are a lot of advantages in over molding. Few are listed below.

  • Better finishing of the product
  • Service life longer than others
  • Highly safe
  • Cost-effective

The biggest issue when it comes to over-molding is that it requires a greater precision value. The precision value should be very high such that there are no cracks or any other distortion in the metal.

The plastic injection molding is followed dutifully in most of the firms owing to the fact that there is a lot of demand for plastic products in the market. The products used for packing FMCG Goods are all made from plastic.

What are the post-molding processes?

Once the plastic injection molding’s initial processes are over, then you need to do all these post-molding processes.

Color Plating

Using any one of the methods mentioned above, the color can be plated.


This is the technique that needs to be followed to increase the corrosion resistance of the item.


If anything, that has to be printed on the plastic, like numbers on the keypad, then it must be done.

Hot Stamping

This is to impregnate the plastic logo.

These are the various things you should know about over molding and plastic injection molding.