Are you in search of injection molding and tooling services? Then this article can help you in doing so. The Wintech Rapid Manufacturing is the leading service providers, who serve their clients with not only injection molding but also tooling, additive manufacturing, pressure die casting, vacuum casting, CNC machining and aluminum extrusion. The company has spent many years that enabled the clients to have effective project management as well as quality control systems. To know more about the services, continue reading the article or visiting about Wintech page, you will know more about the company as well as the service they offer.

Rapid Prototyping Services:

Plastic injection molding – the rapid injection molding services enable to create a prototype molded part in thermoplastic resin production in 2-5 weeks. The molded part is used for test marketing, fit testing and fully functioning and it is more than easy part from thrown away the mold. When an engineer wants to develop apart quickly, they make use of the rapid injection molding. The produced part is then used for developing prototype parts for analysis. They aren’t used like a finished product instead it can act as a bridge to production process thus producing parts. Given below are some factors needed to make plastic parts-

Part Material – one can take benefit of turnaround time which is offered by the rapid injection molding, just look to create better use of readily available material that can be obtained easily from distributor or retailer. In addition to this, through rapid injection molding parts can be made easily with tested parameters – like function, basic design, ability to create parts, type of materials.

Tool Design – The first step is tool designing in injection molding process including rapid molding. When tools begin, the formation of the part can be conceptualized theoretically.

What are the Benefits?

  • Most of the materials and colors are available.
  • Allow function testing and full fitting.
  • Bridge molds can run over 1000’s parts.
  • Production of thermoplastic resin within 15 days.

Rapid tooling services – Wintech offers tooling technologies in order to serve molding needs and requirements. Creation of prototypes via bridge tooling along with short-run tooling is possible. It also offers production of in-house tooling for use of extensive manufacturing capabilities. The leading time period is around 10 – 30 days and they are capable of supplying molded parts with rapid tooling services simultaneously.

What method do they use to develop your tooling? They use appropriate technologies so as to satisfy tooling requirements on demand of the clients as well as expectations. They choose the relevant method after seeing the design, and the method is chosen exactly meet your need while maximizing cost and speed. They keep abreast of the latest technology in the industry so that you can concentrate on the job.

The company makes use of aluminum tooling as it is versatile material and it could be CNC machine, textured and EDM processed. Which including as below and more.

  • ABS
  • Nylon
  • Polyethylene
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polycarbonate (Lexan)

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