Injection Molding Plastics have a number of costs attached to them that most of the time we can’t see, especially when we deal with a manufacturer that is located overseas. The mold is one of the most complex processes to get completed, and most of the people asking for the design of parts don’t have the slightest idea of the logistics that need to be taken care of to deliver a single completed piece.

A company handling the creation of your parts from the design stages is often preferred as they are most likely to deliver a better-finished product. Sure it can also be a little bit more expensive, but quality issues are reduced to nearly none by choosing this way to work.

Understanding the Logistics Behind Casting a Mold

The main problem faced by many people who don’t understand these logistics is when they look for reduced costs to save money. Many of these entrepreneurs look for mainland China to get their parts manufactured. While this move can yield results cost-wise, the quality of the products delivered leaves a lot to be desired.

The problem is that many companies are willing to do the same job in the Asian nation, and most of them usually focus on efficient delivery times rather than quality; this is especially noticeable when they handle big numbers of a piece that has multiple parts. While many of them care enough about their reputation to deal with multiple revisions, the process can be quite taxing and time-consuming.

Local vs. Foreign – War of Manufacturers

Another issue faced by clients asking for manufactured plastic pieces overseas is the fact that you probably need to keep tabs on the process at all moments and being far away from the company handling your order will come at a price. Most entrepreneurs make the common mistake of doing a one-time visit to the plant they are engaged to do business with.

If you leave before having a finished test of the product delivered, you will end up facing the consequences brought by the use of low-quality materials, mishandling of specs, subpar tooling, or even poor design of the prototype. If you need to address any of these problems and you are on a schedule, this will only mean increased costs and an enlarged budget.

Factors Affecting the Equation

When you ask for a quote for a mold from a foreign company, you need to balance the actual cost of the investment you are about to make, especially if you are working on a startup that needs to save as much money as it can.

Working with a local option probably sound expensive, especially if you balance more than a single quote offered from different manufacturer, but take a moment to include in the equation these factors aside from the price of the mold: if you travel to another country you will need to cover your expenses for airfare, meals, lodging, and transportation.

Communication will also become crucial, sure the internet can make the process quite easy, but you still need to make the occasional phone call. If something doesn’t work, you will probably have to absorb those costs too such as mold reworking and the discarded production run on top of shipping. Take these all into account before making your final decision!