If you want that your products like bottle caps, mobile back covers, and other steel or aluminum materials get to the market quickly for the supply then it is very important that you choose the right kind of industry for the manufacture of such products. Therefore, choose an industry that has good machine technology like the rapid tooling method. The rapid tooling method is used to mold various kinds of metals and plastic parts into the desired shape or design, whether simple or complicated. Some parts of the designs or moldings of the parts or designs cannot be done easily with other types of machines like CNC machines etc. It needs a special machine like rapid tooling machines that can do the needed work. If you choose some other complex industry to manufacture the products, then the result will be complicated work, higher cost, and too much of extra time. Rapid tooling machines help some of the industries in completing the molding work within a short span of time.

CAD Data for Rapid Tooling

There are different kinds of rapid tooling. One is direct tooling and another is indirect tooling. Several kinds of molding works are done like injection molding, steel sheet stamping, and others also. Rapid tooling is done with the help of CAD computer-aided design data. Besides that, some type of rapid tooling like the injection method where the heavy and complex injection machine is used, the machine is already pre-programmed. It is just a set of instructions that needed to be given. But again that doesn’t mean that rapid tooling is completely machine work. There is the use of hands also, for instance in the cooling process after the melting and intricate designing work is complete.

Different Types of Injections

One of the merits of rapid tooling is that it has helped many industries in becoming very creative with their complex designs. For the rapid tooling method where the material is of steel, other types of machines with thicker and sharp injections are used to give an apt shape, for instance, in the case of steel or aluminum. If you want to give a rounded shape to any pointed steel, then such thicker and sharper injections are used that give a fine finishing to the product or model, or prototype. One of the major benefits of rapid tooling is that some of the rapid tooling like the steel sheet stamping method and some injection methods are done quickly in a short period. So, due to this quick work in at a short time, many companies choose such industries to give them a large quantity of product work, in the production sector.

electro sheets stamping

electro sheets stamping*

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Steel Sheet Stamping

And Like I said before, in the CNC case, this machine works non-stop and needs regular maintenance and oiling. The process of steel sheet stamping is also an easy kind of rapid tooling method. It is also very simple as the steel or aluminum sheets are used and kept under the heavy machines that are pre-programed or pre-designed and it just presses hard on the sheet, creating the design. Also, there is a substantial amount of heat in the machines, so after the sheet stamping, the sheets are forwarded for a cooling process for the designs to cool off. There can be one error in this process and that is the defect that can come in the design, because people working in the industry, so they should know the apt size or place where the sheet should fit keep the sheets with hands. Any kind of misplacement in the sheets can cause wrong designs or moldings to appear.