One of the best techniques that can be ever used to change the shape of any solid material be it steel, aluminum, or brass, or plastic then there is no other tooling that will be more helpful than the rapid tooling process. Some of the best methods that are used for rapid tooling of different materials including plastic are injection molding, casting operations, and sheet metal stamping. There is a combination that is used like rapid prototyping, which is done with the help of standard tooling procedures mentioned above. Besides that when it comes to manufacturing such products it is done with the help of computer-aided designs (CAD) data. One of the best things that you will know about the rapid tooling process is that it takes very little time and can be done at a lower cost. But there are some moldings and designs which may take time like the casting operations and others.

Different Methods and Types of Rapid Tooling

For different kinds of molding different methods are used in the process of rapid tooling. One of the easiest methods of molding that industries mostly use is the injection method in which models can be produced in a short span of time. Sheet metal stamping is also an easy procedure, but you can check online the time that it takes. Through the injection methods, one of the benefits is that a large number of models or components can be created and easily manufactured. Some of the products that are created with the method of injection rapid tooling are the plastic caps, then the needles, and many more. In rapid tooling, there are two types of tooling that are done for molding. One is direct tooling and another is indirect tooling method.

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Pre Programmed

For instance, creating delicate parts of the plastic is also done. In the injection molding process there is a huge machine with an injection pointed in a straight position downwards and the machine is pre-programed, so after giving the instructions it delicately goes down and creates the mold. Injection molding is done on plastic as well as aluminum and other metals. But for that different types of injections are used. Once the injection is injected into the material and it’s in the melted form, then it goes for a cooling procedure also, after the injection molding is complete. After the cooling process, you can get a final product. When you check online you will know that for injection molding there are different kinds of machines and there are different types of injection molding.

Seldom there are Defects

So, it can happen that you can get confused as some machines have injections for molding on plastic like mobile back covers, or there are other types of methods also for making motherboards, etc. Rapid tooling is one of the best tooling methods through which molding can be done easily. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular. CNC machines cannot help in such a case, therefore rapid tooling method comes into the picture. Seldom do industries get any kind of defects in the process of molding? Some may have defects like shrink or wrapping that can happen when the rapid tooling is done using hands and not machines.